Create links to the igc2map converter
Webmasters, if you provide IGC files downloads from your website, you can also display links to our converter that enables easy visualisation of your igc files on Google Maps from your website.
The syntax is:
Default: white
Color: can be either white, yellow, green, red, blue
or a 6 bytes hexa RGB color code e.g. yellow: FFFF00
Default: 1
Width: can be any value from 1 to 5
Default: gnss
Altitude: can be gnss or pres value
('gnss' is the satellite-provided altitude, 'pres' is the barometric altitude)
linkIs the URL leading to the file to be converted
<A HREF="">
<IMG style="border: none" TITLE="Click here to display the IGC file" SRC="eartheye.gif">

Will display this following clickable picture: